Urban Design Proposal

Architectural Design course NTUA, Collaboration

Istanbul Turkey


The project is located in a central Istanbul area, Karakoy, adjacent to the Galata Bridge. Although the proposal is an urban re-planning of the area, it attempts to respect historical buildings that can be reconstructed and retain as much as possible previous uses, aiming to maintain the character of Karakoy. Due to the project area’s close proximity to the sea a multitude of views are available to the passer-by. These views are the blueprint of the proposed passageways, streets and free spaces which ultimately outline the building blocks and consequently the building’s geometry. Overall, the proposed neighbourhoods differ in characteristics and uses. Building functions are distributed per height in a way that allows them to be active in all times of the day. Density and building heights fade towards the water front in order to free space for public use and cultural activities. A specific building block has been chosen to illustrate the design intentions.
The design studio was realized in three sections. The first and third part involved preliminary analysis and design work respectively done at the NTUA in Athens. The middle one consisted of a trip in Istanbul in order to confirm the results of our analysis, map the project area and observe the social fabric of the city.